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Menorca Island
Declared Reserve of the biosphere by UNESCO in 1993. It is the eastern of Baleric Islands. The natural and majestic harbour of Maó is considered since centuries the best of Balearic Island.

Main sources in Menorca are: cheese industry (our well-known Mahón cheeses), footwear, fashion jewlery, pottery, gin, boat makers (llauts) and especially, tourism.

The historial patrimony of Menorca is inexhaustible. There are a lot of mysterious megalitic constructions widespread around the island; the impressive "Taules", unique monuments formed by two large rock slabs resembling a "T", "Talaiots" and "navetas". Pointing out Naveta des Tudons.

Incomparable beaches with white sand and open bays up to hidden and lovely crystal waters ones, moreover its gastronomy and local festivities where the autochthonous horse breed plays the main role (jaleo) during the summer through out the different towns.
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Declared Reserve of the biosphere by UNESCO in 1993.
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